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Friends of Novi Schools seeks to improve the mental health and well being of students, staff, and faculty at all Novi Schools by collecting funds to gain access to various mental health tools and resources.


Zen Zones will be areas for students and staff to self regulate and utilize SEL (social and emotional learning) resources.

SEL & Well-Being
Staff Library

A professional library would allow staff to check out books they might wish to read to support their understanding of how to support student well-being.

Zen Zone Supplies

Supplies like board games, SEL-focused books, etc. can be used to equip the Zen Zone for use by all students who require a break for self-regulation and SEL instruction.

SEL & Well-Being Library Books

With access to SEL and well-being picture books and novels, staff can check them out and use them for read-alouds with their students.

Anxiety App

This is a research-based mindfulness-based anxiety reduction program that staff can peruse on their phone during the school year.


We are working on collecting responses from each of the schools regarding the types of resources that will best suit their wants and needs.

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